Thursday, December 12, 2013

Troubleshooting Appliance Break-downs During the Holidays

Ever wonder why it always seems like your oven, stove-top, dishwasher or refrigerator have to break down during the holidays, when you tend to be entertaining family & friends and need them the most? Well, don't despair- it seems like many of our customers go through this every year.  There are several reasons why this may be so.

First of all, when the weather gets colder, it makes it more difficult for any appliance motor and working parts to continue working at their normal pace.  Motors and electronic moving parts have to "work harder" to a certain extent in colder air temperatures.  So if an appliance part or motor is already in need of repair soon, it may stop working properly sooner.

This is particularly true of refrigerators, more so if your refrigerator or freezer is located in your garage! For example, if the defrost drain happens to be a bit clogged or even frozen, it will most certainly become more so and happen more quickly as temperatures drop in your garage.  This is really inconvenient- we all need our refrigerators to be working properly at this time of year when we are all buying extra food for holiday gatherings. 

In addition, everyone tends to use their oven, stove-top, dishwasher and refrigerator/ freezer a lot more during the holidays. This increase in the amount of use can also put wear and tear on appliance parts that are older or may already be close to needing repair.  This is why it's always a good idea to schedule a service call a few weeks before the holidays if you sense that your appliance may not be working up to par.

Don't despair though - we're here to help! Our experienced Chief Technician has the training and expertise to properly repair your refrigerator, stove-top or oven, and is quite  experienced with newer electronic components for these appliances.  Don't be inconvenienced during the holidays- just give us a call!  After we schedule your repair service, our highly-trained service technician will come directly to your home, quickly diagnose the problem, and quickly and efficiently complete the repair. Your appliance will be like new in no time - and at a fraction of the cost!